Little Flower

The follow up to Fred Raimondo’s highly acclaimed Stories From The Dark Heart Tavern, Little Flower is a distinctly different record in many ways. “The goal was to present a group of songs that together tell the story of a strong, loving and empowering woman. A survivor of tough times, who despite challenging circumstances managed to keep her heart and soul intact. Stories From The Dark Heart Tavern was a collection of songs about a place, The Dark Heart Tavern and the people whose lives intersect there. Little Flower focuses on one person, and the people whose lives are impacted by her. Each song paints a portrait of woman as observed by lovers, friends, and family members. It is a collection of songs about a strong woman who displays courage and strength as well as the frailties that mark life in these tumultuous times, says Fred.” 

Recorded at Narrow Lane studios and again produced by Peter Kennedy, Caroline Doctorow and Fred Raimondo, it features performances by Jon Preddice on cello, Pete Kennedy on guitars, bass percussion and vocals, Tom Provencher guitar, vocals and harmonica, Kevin Twigg and Jean Schroeder on percussion instruments, Paul Brokaw on keyboards, Sarah Greene on guitar, violin and vocals, Caroline Doctorow vocals, and Inda Eaton vocals.

Fred is an accomplished finger style guitarist who has performed at clubs and colleges throughout the Northeast and his songs have been played on local and international radio  and internet music programs. 

Fred has appeared at The Long Island Blues Festival, the American Music Festival, Bradstock, and The Montauk Music Festival. He has been a frequent featured artist at Sag Harbor’s Songwriters Share, The Homegrown Music Cafe, Underground Sound at 230 Down, Nancy Atlas’ Songwriters In The Round, Original Voices at The Vail, and Cynthia Daniel’s Crossroads Sound. He is available for live performances, house concerts and radio interviews.